Quinacridone Red

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Quinacridone Red

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PREMIUM GRADE LEVEL - Master Art Supplies Oil Paint brand is the best available. We pride ourselves on providing high-quality oil paints to all our customers. Our wide selection of oil colors are all handmade with the finest natural ingredients. Our paints create a long lasting durable paint film that won't crack and are water resistant.

EXCELLENT COVERAGE - Master Art Supplies Oil Paints are designed with top-notch durability, superior coverage, tinting strength, texture, and coverage with extraordinary adhesive attributes. These qualities make our oil paint perfect for all styles and techniques of painting, from glazing to impasto.

REAL PIGMENTS - Our oil paints are made only with 100% natural pigments extracted from U.S mines. We do not inject our paints with dyes, and we do not produce any imitation paints. Using real pigments gives our paints a smooth consistency and intense, vibrant colors.

PREMIUM FADE-RESISTANCE - The strong durability of our oil paints will provide your artworks with vibrant colors and crack-resistant layers of paint that will more than a lifetime.

NON-TOXIC PROFESSIONAL ECO STANDARD - Our paints comply with ASTM D-4236 standards which makes them non-toxic for student and professional artists. You can use our oil colors in a classroom setting without worry.

The perfect set for artists of all skill levels. Master Art Supplies Oil Colors NON-TOXIC - Meets ASTM D-4236 and EN71-3 (CE) Safety Standards.