Why Can Art Be So Expensive?

Art Supplies

It’s ironic that art supplies can be so expensive when “starving artist” is such a popular term. While art supplies have a range of prices, most professional artists spend some serious cash on the tools of their trade. The sheer variety of supplies an artist requires make the profession very expensive. Art supplies can be expensive for three reasons.

Volume of Supplies Needed
Artist supplies can include the tools themselves, like brushes, pencils, paper, and canvas. Supplies can also include the tools you use to care for the tools you need. That can be things like brush cleaners, palette knives, cleaning solutions, pencil sharpeners and so on. The list can actually be endless depending on the number of mediums an individual artist uses.

Quality of Supplies Preferred
Cheap and inexpensive don’t mean the same thing. You can pick up high-end art supplies on sale or clearance, or you can purchase them online in bulk to save money. The quality of an item does not diminish because you purchased it at a discount.

Good quality supplies purchased online is a great way to save money. When you purchase art supplies online, look for an online store with a solid reputation, a good stock and variety of supplies, and a price range that fits your budget. Purchase the best quality supplies your budget can stand. Then make your investment in professional art supplies pay for itself.

Price your finished artwork accordingly. Purely from a business perspective, the money you spend on art supplies is called overhead. When you calculate the selling price of your art, figure in the cost of supplies plus the number of hours spent producing your work. When you treat purchasing art supplies online as a business expense, it makes the investment a little easier to swallow. Browse our full line of professional art supplies today. We have everything you need at a price you can afford. Your canvases and papers will thank you!

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