Which Colors Are Used Most In Art?

Which Colors Are Used Most In Art?

It’s fitting that the first pigments were created by artists. Always resourceful in finding and creating art supplies, early artists used a mixture of soil, animal fat, charcoal, and chalk, the five basic colors were born. Red, yellow, brown, black, and white. Of the combinations created with these colors, blue is generally considered the most popular. Renoir, Van Gogh and other early artists used it to represent nature, indicate emotions, and establish mood. Commonly associated with harmony, blue is thought to depict imagination, faithfulness, and confidence.

Along with red and yellow, blue is one of the three primary colors of pigment. Mixing all three creates gray, while mixtures of red and blue create an entire gamut of colors in the violet family. In nature, the sky and sea are both blue creating a circle of surrounding color artists frequently draw on. From aquamarine to navy to midnight, blue has one of the widest range of shades. The color is so popular that in the 20th century, organizations began to create and own their own shade of blue. This practice started with French artist, Yves Klein, who created and patented Klein blue. The LA Dodgers baseball team developed Dodger blue, and several colleges and universities invented new blues for their school and team colors.

Given all this creation, development and appreciation of blue, it’s no wonder artists rely on it so heavily. Art supplies in every medium are well represented by blue in its wide range of shades. Watercolors and oil paintings depicting nature rely on blue for depicting everything from the calmest of oceans to the most raging of seas. From startlingly clear eyes to fiercely angry eyes, blue is used in portraits to depict mood and emotion.

No matter what genre you’re working in or what medium you prefer, blue is a color no artist’s palette can afford to be without. Take time to carefully browse our full line of art supplies. We offer blue tools in every medium you need including color pencils, oil paints, acrylic paints and markers. You’ll love our quality supplies designed to help you put your heart and soul into your next creation.

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