What Would Life Be Without Art?

What Would Life Be Without Art?

Artists are valued and revered and have been for centuries. They’ve left behind art in the form of primitive exhibitions and colorful depictions of the world around them. Artists like Van Gogh, Rembrandt, and Picasso are revered and respected for the way they cast light on the world. Artists are so appreciated that we use their creations to decorate everything from our homes and offices to our bodies and clothing. Art serves all of humanity. How? By turning drab walls into showplaces. By turning ancient history into fascination. By giving men and women a way to express the creativity that lives in them.

Imagine a world where the sky, the ocean, the trees, the faces you see every day, the food you eat – everything and everyone you come into contact with are all seen in the same sepia tones and hues. Nothing has any individuality or flavor or color or personality.

Now imagine that we did not have prehistoric carvings, drawings, and sculptures to give us a glimpse into history. We’d have the cool mechanics of science without the innate beauty of light and texture created through art. Art decorates the world. It plays a role in how we view the world, how we view ourselves, and even how we educate our children.

An appreciation of art also enhances how we learn. Not only can the arts teach practical aspects of learning like color recognition and dexterity, it can also help students develop critical thinking skills and learn to trust their instincts. Artists and budding artists learn to see something where nothing exists. Through art, they learn about possibility, imagination and creativity. Even in a world where technology is all around us, it cannot take over the world of art or take away from what art and artists bring to the world. With this in mind, you can now get started on creating more art for our world! Check out our full catalog of art supplies

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