Tips For Signing Paintings and Drawings

how to sign a painting or drawing

One of the best feelings in the world is when you finish a piece of art with a signature. It indicates completion and signifies ownership. The key is to make your signature enhance, not detract from, your art. Here are seven cool tips to help you do just that.

  • Placement
Place your signature in a somewhat hidden spot. While the bottom right corner is traditionally where artwork is signed, you should aim for a place in your work that isn’t overly busy and sign there.
  • Scrawl
Don’t sign your art the same way you’d sign a check or receipt. Your artists signature should be as unique as your art, itself.
  • Brand
Your signature is your brand. It’s the only part of your art that stays exactly (or nearly exactly) the same. Use it to build your brand and to create familiarity with your clients and potential clients.
  • Location
Don’t sing your work so close to the edge that it gets cut off during the framing process. That’s just as troubling as not signing at all.
  • Medium
Sign your work in the same medium it was created. Oil paintings get signed using oil paint and color pencil sketches get signed with color pencils.
  • Urgency
If your work will be reproduced, consider numbering each piece along with signing it. Think of the value it adds to declare each piece as a limited addition. That creates urgency in the marketplace and may increases sales.
  • Practice
Take time to practice your signature before you sign your first piece. You want your signature to be legible and clear, while still unique.
Your signature leaves your mark on the art world! It should be creative and easy to identify. Remember, you’re doing more than creating art, you’re letting the world know that you take your art seriously.

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