Tips For Selling Your Art Online

Tips For Selling Your Art Online

All artists love their work and want to share it with the world. While appreciation for your art is a wonderful feeling, dollars in the bank feel pretty good, too. How do you use the Internet to get more of those dollars? Selling art online is a great way to gain exposure for your work and to free up time to create more art work. So, here’s our best advice.
  • Our number one tip: Find at least one strategic partner. A strategic partner is someone who has a similar, but not competing business. They are business owners who come into regular contact with your target market and can make strategic alliances with you. For example, an art supply store (although invaluable to our craft) would not be a good strategic partner because they cater to other artists, but a home décor store or realtor would be a fantastic strategic partner because they cater to people who are looking to update the art and décor in their homes.
  • Establish a social media presence. Make sure your social media accounts – and you definitely need more than one – are cohesive. This lets your target market grow familiar with you and your artist brand. Don’t overdo social media, though, by signing up for every platform out there. Choose the ones that have the most appeal for your target market, not for you. Whatever you do, don’t establish a bigger social media presence than you can manage.
  • Start on another platform then open a website. A platform like Etsy is a great place to start because it markets for you. Start there and use the popularity it can help you create to drive traffic to your own artist website. The beauty of both these platforms is they give the art loving world a twenty-four hour a day look at your creations.
Go create a piece of art while you think over these options. Then get to work identifying your target market. That can be done with surveys, polls and contests and can grow your online audience like crazy!

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