The Short Life of Vincent Van Gogh

Vincent van Gogh was born on 1853 in Zundert in the south of Netherlands. It was unfortunate that he lived only for 37 years. Van Gogh only found his interest in fine art at the age of 27. Furthermore, he only worked as an artist for the remaining 10 years of his life. In this article, we will investigate why his inventive works were disregarded and underestimated even during the supposed Enlightenment Age in which he lived.
Failure in the Enlightenment Age
The Enlightenment Age brought prominence to literature, philosophy, science, fine arts, and music. This implies that Vincent van Gogh had lived in a newly revived and affluent artistic movement, which could have assisted him and boosted his career as an artist. Additionally, It could have even made him rich. Unfortunately, the Enlightenment Age only did the opposite for Van Gogh. He did not avail himself of the Enlightenment Age and never acquired a name as an artist. Although Vincent painted 900 artworks and 1,100 drawings, his works remained unexplored and unsold. His brother Theo had no choice but to support him financially all the way through his lifetime.
Van Gogh's Violet History
Perhaps one of the crucial reasons for his failure to advance himself as a well-reputed artist is his poor behavior when he underwent psychotic episodes and delusions. Another reason why which brought him even greater misery is his short temper.
His temper brought him many him bloody confrontations, including his struggle with a fellow artist, Gauguin that ended with the cutting off Vincent's' earlobe.
Moreover, he was always filthy all the time and not well groomed, which made the locals keep away from interacting with him or buying his artistic works. Furthermore, records show his deteriorating health and monetary status brought more pain to his life and led to an early death.
The End
In the present, a typical Van Gogh painting would sell for around 150 million dollars at auctions. Even though Vincent Van Gogh's life seemed to be filled with darkness, only in the end we were able to see the light of his life.

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