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Oil Painting for the complete beginner

Selecting your oil paints Before you can even consider starting to paint, you must make sure you have all the materials! There are hundreds of oil paint brands on the market. One rule of thumb to keep when searching for oil paints is; don’t be fooled by the appeal of low budget oil paints. Purchasing inferior quality oil paints will make painting a frustrating and unpleasant experience. We highly recommend buying artist or premium grade oil colors. Purchasing a few expensive oil paint tubes can only take you so far. This is why we also recommend purchasing your oil paints in larger quantities (which you can find here). Doing so will save you a lot of money in the long...

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Oil Paint vs Acrylic Paint

Oil and acrylic paints are old school art mediums that have stood the test of time and are never going away. Both mediums are indispensable and each has its own distinguishing features.Oil paint has a longer drying time, but also has a luminescence and captures and reflects light in a unique manner. Acrylic paint has a shorter drying time, is easier to clean up and some artists call it more forgiving than oils. Here are a few more reasons to consider each medium.Brush cleaning and work surface cleaning are easier with acrylic paints. Oil paints, however, are available in water-soluble formulas. Acrylic paint brushes can be cleaned with water, while traditional oil paints require a solvent like linseed to clean...

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3 Oil Painting Techniques You Should Master

Oil paint is made with ground pigment and linseed or other oil. Different oils have varying drying times and oil paints containing resin produce a glossy finish. Oil paints are a favorite medium of many artists because they have long drying times which allow the artist additional time to manipulate their work before producing a finished product. In addition to adding resin to produce glossy finishes, check out these five oil painting techniques that allow artists to put a professional polish on their artwork. Give your paintings an Impressionist look and feel by using the pointillism technique. Dotting small pin points of paint onto your canvas with the very tip of your brush produces this effect. Have a vision of...

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