How To Start A Successful Art Career and Promote Your Art

Art Career and art promotion

Essentially, starting any business has the same basic components regardless of the field you’re in. Identifying your target market, creating your unique brand identity, and implementing grassroots (no-cost) marketing strategies that work best for you) are just a few. Artists are an intrinsically creative bunch and probably want to focus more on the creative end than on the business end. Take heart! Artistic creativity and business acumen can go hand-in-hand with these helpful tips.

  • Aim Small. Miss Small.
Find your audience. The truth of the matter is that no artist will produce works that everyone will love and want to purchase. That’s actually a good thing. Why? Because it allows you to identify the people who want to purchase from you and market to them. In the business world, those folks are called your target market. As tempting as it can be to market to everyone with skin, it’s actually smarter to narrow your niche down to your target market.
  • Start An Artist’s Blog. 
Reaching your target market is tantamount to making sales. As Shark Tank’s Marc Cuban famously said, “Without sales, you have nothing.” The key to selling art, online and in person, is SEO (search engine optimization). SEO allows you to use the keywords and phrases that your target market will search for online that will lead them straight to you. A blog is a great way to do this because it lets you provide a continual stream of SEO rich content that brings buyers to your real and virtual doors.
  • Find A Strategic Partner.
A strategic partner is another business owner who already reaches and interacts with your target market on a regular basis. A Home Stager’s business is to help realtors sell homes by temporarily decorating them in a way that appeals to the highest number of potential buyers. They add furnishings, accessories, plants, and, yes, artwork to new and existing homes. Home Stagers make a perfect strategic partner for artists in a variety of mediums from wall art to sculptures.
  • Build A Social Media Following
In this day and age everyone checks everyone else out online. Don’t miss out on this free marketing engine. Building a social media following affords you the opportunity to engage with your target market on a regular basis and it gives them an opportunity to rave about your work online, which can lead to more sales.

Lovers of anime, landscapes, and realism most likely won’t be interested in the work of the same artist unless he or she is incredibly diversified. Once you’ve identified your target market, you’ll find it easier and more enjoyable to market to them. If you’re into creating the art style they love collecting, you already have something in common. Start your art marketing off with those shared interests in mind.

Get your feet wet in the business of selling by exhibiting at a local gallery. This gives you the opportunity to see who loves your art and engage with them to find out why they love it. In the business world, that’s called market research and it is absolutely invaluable. Before you know it, you’ll create a fan base of your very own.

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