How to protect your Micron Pigma Pens

How to protect your Micron Pigma Pens

The reason why Sakura Microns are so popular to begin with is because they’re inexpensive and disposable. They can also be an alternative to the more high end priced technical pens while at the same time they maintain technical pen quality. Microns are mainly used with fine line art drawings but they’ve spread on to other applications because of how versatile they’ve become.

The best way to use a Micron pen is on a clean sheet of paper so that the nib does not get clogged. We recommend a clean sheet of paper with no previous medium such as primer, oil and or acrylic unless they’re completely dry to the touch. These mediums can get into your nib and clog them causing irreparable damage.

You also have to be careful when using your Micron Pens on wooden surfaces and fabrics because they may contain dust and that dust will get into your nib and cause further damage. The Micron Nibs are actually just simple plastic tubes that allow the pigmented ink to flow out of the barrel and onto the surface you’re drawing on.

If you do not use a clean surface to draw on then any foreign matter can get into the tubes and clog it which will then block the ink flow. Which is why we recommend using Micron Pens on a clean surface or to go over pencil line art. Micron Pens are designed in a way to be used at a 90 degree angle just like your typical technical pen.

Micron Pens come in various point sizes from 005 (.2 mm) up to 08 (0.5 mm) and have very fragile nibs that can be used to create extra fine line art. You do not have to use much pressure to get a good ink flow, we even tell our students not to apply much pressure at all or else you could damage the nib entirely.

And this is a tip everyone should use regardless of the size of the nib even if you’re using a larger size such as the Micron 08 pen. We also recommend that you do not shake, spin or drop the pens or else this could cause a leakage near the nib holder. If this does happen then we recommend disposing of the pen immediately and using another since it is difficult to repair leaking Micron pens. The leaks could also come back if you’ve just wiped it off with a cloth and destroy your drawings as you use with the pen.

As always we try to find the best deals for you and our best recommendation for micron pens is the Micron 6 Piece Set and if you prefer an assorted color variety then we highly recommend the Micron assorted color variety 16 piece set. For manga artists we would recommend the Micron 6 Piece manga comic pro kit which contains brush nibs and even a mechanical 0.7mm pencil for sketching.

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