How to Photograph your art

How to photograph your art

Selling your art online is profitable and simple. Set up an independent website, relevant social media accounts, and an artist’s blog. Additionally, you can try opening a store on Etsy or Indiemade. Selling your art online can be a breeze if you know how to reach your ideal client and how to show off your artwork in the best possible light. Check out these three tips for creating pictures that show the full beauty of your art.

  • Good Lighting
The more light your photos have, the clearer and brighter the picture comes across. Don’t rely solely on the flash feature for this, though. For smaller pieces of art, you can purchase or create a lightbox pretty cheaply. Take pictures of larger pieces of art in the most well lit room you can find.

  • Set The Mood
Is your finished piece a landscape? Is it a portrait? Is it a bright, cheery sunrise? Whatever the mood of your art, try to mimic the mood in your photos. Try a darker setting for moody pieces. Conversely, try a lighter setting for bright, airy pieces. Another great idea – try the opposite. Imagine how a dark, brooding ocean will pop off the canvas when surrounded by tons of light.

  • Angles
Be sure to take at least one fully frontal photo of your artwork. Then take pictures from every angle. Also, take a picture of your picture with other objects in the picture. This is a cool way to indicate the scale of your art as well. If you’ve created a miniature and want customers to understand how diminutive it is, try photographing it beside an everyday item that fits the picture in mood, perspective and size.

Selling your art online can be a cool, easy way to make cash for art supplies – check out our catalog – or to pay your rent or to build your brand. Try the tips we’ve shared and let us know how your photos come out.

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