How To Keep Acrylic Paint From Drying

How To Keep Acrylic Paint From Dying

Every painting medium has its problems with how you must handle them. Since Acrylics dry fast when you leave them out in the open, you will need to have some solution depending on what you’re trying to paint. If you’re painting outside, the wind can cause Acrylics to dry out faster than normal on both your canvas and palette. Here are some tips to make your acrylics stay wet and workable:

Spray Bottle

Use a small spray bottle filled with water so you can lightly mist your paint palette with water as you go. Make sure to keep your acrylic paints wet with this method to prevent them from drying.

Liquitex Wetting Spray

The Liquitex wetting spray is designed to slow down the drying of acrylic colors. You can use this spray to wet the palette or directly on the canvas. This medium also helps improve color blending and can be used to thin out colors. Use frequently on your acrylics to prevent drying and skinning.

Masterson Sta-Wet Premier Palette

Masterson has a diverse amount of different Sta-Wet palettes that have different sponges; these sponges help keep the paper wet and as a result of this, your acrylics will stay wet.

DIY Stay-Wet Palette

Take a couple of towels and wet them thoroughly and then place your acrylic paints onto the sheets. The wet towels will keep your paints wet from under; you can also spray the paints to keep them from drying on the top.

Acrylic Slow Dri Mediums

There are a couple of acrylic mediums out there that will help extend the time it takes the paint to dry. Liquitex slow-dri blending mediums are perfect for this. Pour some onto your acrylics and mix them thoroughly to get the desired effect.

Mediums we recommend:

Golden Slow Drying Acrylics

Golden’s new slow-drying acrylics are formulated to stay wet longer than other brands of acrylic paint. However, since these acrylics are a bit different than your standard type, it may take longer for you to get used to them.  

Storing Acrylic Paints

Storing your acrylic paints between each session is a great way to save a lot of money if you’re only using acrylics. Most acrylic painters will let their acrylics dry then throw them out and get a fresh palette of paints for the next session. This is a huge waste of paint and money. If you use the stay-wet palette, your acrylics can stay wet for at least a week.

Other tips

Make sure to sketch out your drawing with graphite or charcoal before you start painting. This will help you minimize the time it takes between painting so that your acrylics don't dry.

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