Can Anyone Be An Artist?

Can Anyone Be An Artist?

Art is both taught and innate. Artistry, though, is a creative skill or talent. While it is something that can be nurtured and cultivated, the heart and soul of an artist in not something that can be taught. The ability to look at a blank canvas and see a finished work of art comes from the vision of the individual. No technical or mechanical training can make that possible.

Most people can learn the mechanics of drawing. The mechanics of art formation can be taught, just as the mechanics of the function of the keys on a piano can be taught. Paint by number kits and the popularity of make and take parties have given rise to the idea that anyone can be an artist regardless of skill level, skill development, or artistic acumen. From kindergarten to college, art has been part of the curriculum. Its purpose is to teach students how to appreciate the beauty around them. The role of the artist is to capture and recreate that beauty.

Artists grow due to an investment in training and education. A community of artists have a camaraderie, innovation, and passion that others cannot always understand. Artists love their craft and love the tools of their craft. So, while an accomplished artist for whom art is a profession would most likely not purchase cheap art supplies, a hobbyist would probably look for exactly that.

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