3 Oil Painting Techniques You Should Master

Oil paint is made with ground pigment and linseed or other oil. Different oils have varying drying times and oil paints containing resin produce a glossy finish. Oil paints are a favorite medium of many artists because they have long drying times which allow the artist additional time to manipulate their work before producing a finished product.

In addition to adding resin to produce glossy finishes, check out these five oil painting techniques that allow artists to put a professional polish on their artwork.

  • Give your paintings an Impressionist look and feel by using the pointillism technique. Dotting small pin points of paint onto your canvas with the very tip of your brush produces this effect. Have a vision of your finished painting and use this method to systematically cover your canvas with thin points of paint which produce a finished work that is beautiful from a distance and intriguing up close.
  • Your brush can create a variety of lines and strokes of varying lengths and widths. Angle your brush on the fat side to produce wide strokes. Angle it on its side to produce thin lines. In either instance, the pressure you apply can create additional versatility in depth, length, and sharpness.
  • A tool used to mix paints and clean paint palettes, you can also use your palette knife as a paint brush. Load your palette knife with oil paint and use it to make broad, sweeping strokes across your canvas. Particularly useful for landscapes, this technique can also be used to create interesting backgrounds for other paintings.

Oil painting is timeless. Artists have used oil painting to create everything from portraits to landscapes to modern classics. Head on over to our products page where you’ll find a variety of brands of top quality oil paints. You’ll also find brushes in every size and shape to fit the needs of every artist. Be sure to tell us your favorite oil painting tips and techniques in the comments below and inspire your fellow artists. Check out a couple of our brand name oil paints such as Winsor & Newton Artists' Oil Color, Rembrandt Artist's Oil Color, Van Gogh Oil Color

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