3 Techniques For Using Graphite Pencils

3 Cool Techniques For Using Graphite Pencils

Graphite pencils are an essential part of every artist's tools of the trade. While it's a common medium, its uses are widely varied. Pencils don't make the artist, but being equipped with the right pencils and the right skills can make your work stand out in the crowded world of artistry. Check out these cool techniques you can use to make your graphite pencils come to life in your hands.

  • Shading
Hold your pencil at a 45º angle, use the side to create different depths and of shading. The harder you press, the darker the shade. Try using your graphite pencil to shade with parallel lines to make your details appear more cohesive and really pop off the page.

  • Smudging
Unless it’s intentional, smudging can be very frustrating. Avoid accidental smudges with your graphite pencil by placing an extra sheet of paper under your hand. It will cover the areas you’ve completed and keep smudging at bay.

  • Size

Ranging in size from 9H (hardest) to 9B (softest), these simple tools can produce amazing results. Try using different graphite pencils to achieve different effects in a single piece. Graphite pencils range from hard to soft and from light lead to heavy. Harder graphite pencils produce lighter shades while softer pencils produce darker, thicker lines, but crumble more easily. Once you understand the range of properties graphite pencils produce, you unlock their full potential.

Check out our selection of Faber-Castell graphite pencils. They produce superior results at an affordable price. The right pencil really does make a difference. Choose your drawing paper carefully, buy the best graphite pencils you can afford, experiment with the above-mentioned techniques and don’t be afraid to mix different sized pencils in your graphite line drawings.

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